PFR projects get underway in Poland

Early December saw Margaret Wilkinson, head of the PFR Unit, travel to Poland as part of our Leonardo Planning for Real Project.

Model making at PFR workshop in PolandOur Polish partner, Institute for Territorial Development (IRT), is a subsidiary unit of the Self Government of Lower Silesia which is located in the south – western part of Poland.

In Poland our partners are running two real-life projects in different towns. In the town of Levin Klodzki the project will focus on urban space revitalization, and in Bytom the focus will be on trialling the Planning for Real methodology to look at a specific area of the town.

PFR workshop in PolandIn both towns groups of planning students attended workshops to be trained in the Planning for Real process and they, as local facilitators, will be actively involved in running the real life projects and the programmes of community engagement. Thephotos show the local facilitator workshops which took place in November 2014.

Margaret’s visit to Poland coincided with the early stages of the real-life projects. All day drop-in workshops took place in both towns where local residents and community groups were invited to have their say about their neighbourhoods and put forward their ideas and suggestions for the future. The PFR model proved popular with the communities and we look forward to hearing how these projects progress.

Action planning stage at PFR workshop in PolandAs part of her visit Margaret also gave a presentation about Planning for Real to a group of students from the Department of Architecture of the Cracovian Technical University and spoke at a conference on participatory urban planning which was organised by the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Provinces and TUP Katowice.

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Planning for Real in Italy

At the end of November Planning for Real consultant Gill Hutchinson visited Italy as part of our Leonardo Planning for Real project.

Planning for Real in Italy - 3D ModelOur Italian partners are Euro Innovanet, a research and consultancy organisation based in Rome. Gill was supporting Marco, Mirella and Giovanni, the three Italian representatives who attended Planning for Real training in Birmingham in June this year to facilitate a two day training workshop for a group of local facilitators in Rome.

PFR mentor Gill Hutchinson in Rome for PFR workshopThis group will play an active role in running the Italian real-life Planning for Real project which will focus on the redevelopment of a public square. The square which has been chosen is not currently widely used by local people and the project aims for the redesign of the garden area to make it more attractive and easy to maintain. Using Planning for Real tool and techniques for community engagement, local residents will be invited to have their say and to get involved in the redevelopment of the square.

Gill will offer our Italian partners ongoing mentoring support as they finalise their delivery plan for their real-life project.

To find out more please visit the Leonardo Planning for Real project website

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Planning for Real workshop in Denizli, Turkey

The second year of our Planning for Real Leonardo project involves our European partner countries delivering Planning for Real workshops in their own communities and then running real-life projects to test out and refine the methodology.PFR workshop in Denizli, Turkey

Our Planning for Real consultant, Gill Hutchinson, travelled out to Denizli, Turkey in November to join our Turkish colleagues and support them in delivering their two day Planning for Real workshop. This workshop was for a group of local facilitators to be trained in the methodology and they will then go on to support the delivery of the real-life project.PFR workshop in Denizli, Turkey

Over the coming weeks we will also be visiting partners in Italy, Poland and France as they get underway with their local facilitator training and real-life projects.

You can click on this link to read the press release from our Turkish partners, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Local facilitators at PFR workshop in Denizli, Turkey




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