First stages

So what happens once you decide Planning for Real® is for you?

We will have an initial scoping meeting with you to explore your requirements and the objectives for the programme. After this we will produce a proposal with our suggested programme and a quotation for the different levels of support we can provide.

Every project we work on is different. The key aspect of Planning for Real® (PFR) is that the process is led by the community. We provide full training on the PFR process and we offer arms length and more hands on support at key points along the way, depending on the client’s needs.

For a typical PFR consultation

After an initial scoping meeting we will take the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the neighbourhood and have early informal meetings with key active residents and other stakeholders. We will then run a training day on the PFR process for the local community group, other active residents, representatives of any local organisations or groups, local councillors, officers and agencies (as relevant).

Having had training on PFR, the community group and active residents will fully understand the process and be able (with our support) to facilitate the community events. We will be on hand to provide materials and support required throughout different stages of the process. The benefit of working in this way is that individuals, and collectively the community, gain knowledge and skills as they work through the PFR process. Many people who have been involved in PFR go on to play a more active role in community life and community groups often discover a renewed sense of purpose and momentum.