Planning for Real events

The Planning for Real® events are held in venues and locations convenient for local people, as many as required.

PFR community event in UptonSometimes an event is arranged for a specific group, perhaps young people, or Asian women. At the events, the model is laid out with suggestion cards or flags placed around it. In addition, a large number of blank cards are provided for people to write their own ideas.

To help them, all the suggestions are categorised under issue headings and are colour coded. For example, all health suggestions are grouped together and are printed on light blue card, crime and safety on orange and so on. There are eight issue categories in total and this means that, at a glance, the main issues for a particular area or place are easily apparent. At the end of the session all the suggestions are recorded, including the location, issue and the number of suggestions placed.

All the data is inputted after this stage and a key findings report will be produced (either by us or the group depending on the level of support you have opted for). This will inform the next stage of the process.