Our offer

We are most well known for our exclusive Planning for Real® model but we also offer a range of other techniques for community engagement all of which are visual, tactile, participatory and community-led.

Community PFR event in UptonAfter an initial discussion of your requirements we will develop a proposal explaining the techniques and programme which we think would be most effective and a quotation for our involvement. In terms of techniques, it could be that a pure Planning for Real® exercise would suit your needs best, or an adaptation of it, depending on the specific brief and the level of influence held by the community

Our techniques include:

  • Planning For Real® – our exclusive community planning process, for which we are best known
  • Building Design – a visual process to enable local residents to be involved in the design of a new building or the renovation of an existing one
  • Evaluation for Real – a process which draws on the experience of a range of community based evaluations and uses a variety of participative tools and techniques
  • Ideas walls
  • Planning and evaluation tools – including the Yellow Brick Road, weather maps and rainbow maps.

Our creative way of working and our innovative techniques set us apart. We are continually developing our way of working, trying out new techniques and updating our methods. Through our work with young people and partnership with the youth engagement site Social Breakfast, we are developing a social networking and online element to some of our techniques.

The Planning for Real® process involves running community events to gather peoples’ opinions, prioritisation workshops and action planning sessions. We also have a great deal of experience in running focus groups, facilitated stakeholder workshops, design workshops, masterplanning community engagement sessions, mapping exercises and photo surveys.

We can develop an interactive, visual and inclusive programme to meet your needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your plans, we’re here to help and what’s more, it will probably cost less than you think.