What sets us apart

Our creative way of working and our innovative techniques set us apart.

Individuals and communities who use our techniques find that they build their own skills and confidence through the engagement process. Many residents who have been involved with Planning for Real® (PFR) have gone on to become more active within their communities, and community groups develop a renewed sense of purpose and momentum.

Park Wood training dayWe have an excellent track record in engaging with all sections of communities, and in particular under-represented groups. Our PFR process is known for its portable 3D models, and we pride ourselves on building relationships with communities and reaching out to engage with all stakeholders. We use all forms of consultation including leafleting, public events and activities, informal groups, displays and media publicity. All of it is designed to involve people in shaping and bringing about change in their neighbourhoods.

Community engagement is not just about consultation and the provision of information, important as these are. It should also be a means by which local people can be fully involved in the process of change, interacting equally with other stakeholders and wielding real power. Anything less is unlikely to result in the development of sustainable communities or effective neighbourhood planning.

For over 25 years, the PFR team has helped residents throughout the UK to play an active part in the regeneration of their neighbourhoods and the development of their communities. Our aim for every project is to empower local residents so that they are fully involved in the process of change, their voices are heard and they have an active role to play. Our skill is in bringing people together and using genuinely collaborative methods to bring about locally-led solutions.