Housing providers

We have much to offer housing providers, both private housebuilders and registered social landlords. We can develop a bespoke programme to meet your needs.

Pre-planning application consultation

Pre-planning application consultation

As part of the Accord Group, we have experience of working in the social housing sector. We have delivered engagement programmes for communities on neighbourhood action planning. We have run consultations on new build projects and the regeneration of existing estates for development teams and we have run consultations with staff and residents on service provision.

For private developers we have an excellent track record of engaging with all sections of communities for pre-planning application consultations. We can gather the views of local residents and key stakeholders on any development and produce a statement of community views based on this feedback, which can then be submitted alongside the planning application.

Recent commissions include

  • Working with a major social housing provider in January 2012 to review their repairs service. We worked with staff representatives from the various teams involved in the delivery of the repairs service and with residents, on the receiving end of the service. Our brief was to review the process in order to identify opportunities for improvements to increase efficiency, effectiveness and economy, and to drive up both resident and staff satisfaction levels.
  • We are currently working with a housing association in Cambridgeshire, consulting elderly residents on a range of options for the redesign (remodelling, refurbishment or redevelopment) of a sheltered accommodation scheme. The PFR approach lends itself to these sorts of projects as it helps residents to visualise more clearly the modifications suggested in each option, by really bringing the drawings to life.